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Water Sorcerer FEZ by suskai Water Sorcerer FEZ by suskai
"I do not control water, i guide it."

Lololol i have entered it! and i think i might be the only male testosterone themed, other then that giant anthropomorphic submission i seen.
Proud of how it came out too, just couple days ago i hated coloring but now i'm starting to get used to the idea thanks to these trendy and cool tutorials, check'em out!
[link] by :iconvanheist:
[link] by :iconsenbo-sama: (pimpiiinnn)
Now that i notice more female entrants everywhere, i think i'll be working the male gender for my submissions, as my own gallery seems to be mostly girls too.
I also made a Warrior and a Scout as well but i think I'll just add them to my scrapbook section.

Any who, he is a sorcerer who as mastered the art of "Water guiding" or just plan Water sorcerer his peers call him. As you can tell being a sorcerer and an ex-warrior, he believes in "Mind, body and Soul".

Art by me
Concept theme by Squire enix.
MaddalinaMocanu Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Technically when you think of a male sorcerer you don't see him stripped ... you see him dynamic, with strong lights, strong pose rough facial expression that also indicated a sense of dominant power. However this picture, i can say with no offense otherwise, is inappropriate for a sorcerer theme :stupidme: i mean... how can i put this not to offend anyone... the man is stripped like a woman... which does not make him look powerful ... or manly for that matter >.>
suskai Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
And also when you think of a female sorcerer you'd think the same thing, but regardless, faaaaanservice, when i created this i had Y!gallery in mind, and seeing half the submissions for FEZ, most did show some skin, inappropriate or not, this submission wasn't meant to be taken seriously, more of "wtf was that man half naked". As for the manly or powerful part, bah, whatever its not your cup'o'tea its not your cup'o'tea, i hold nothing against your opinion, but thank you for the comment.
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June 18, 2010
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